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Meeting a good teacher is one of the most important events in a person’s life. At Oxbridge International School, such meetings await every student.

The Oxbridge International School team consists of teachers who taught at leading schools and universities, developed original courses and assignments for Olympiads, and created specialized schools.

The successes and achievements of students – high entrance scores, victories in international competitions, admission to top universities – are the best evidence of the professionalism of our teachers. But the most important thing is the sincere interest in learning, creating, finding new problems and solutions that lives at Oxbridge International School thanks to the teachers.

At Oxbridge International School, every student communicates – both during classes and outside of them – with almost all teachers.

Our teachers are the individuals who will be with students during their important years, carefully and attentively guiding them in their studies, decision-making, and search for their path.


Teachers from 15 countries



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Our leaders

Together we create a future in which every student can realize their potential

Xosiyat Saydiganieva

Director in IB of Oxbridge International School

Dmitriy Emmanuilovich Shnol

Director Russian School of Oxbridge International School

Natalya Aleksandrovna

Director Kindergarden of  Oxbridge International School

Our teachers

Together we create a future in which every student can realize their potential

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