Russian school

Educational program in

Russian-speaking school

The school has developed an educational program that consists of two parts: compulsory and optional.

The compulsory program includes the following features: 

The program aims to achieve a balance by not only equipping students with in-depth knowledge in various subjects but also fostering the development of versatile skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, information analysis, innovation, and effective presentation of their work.
At our school, the flexible component of the educational curriculum enables students to pursue their interests and passions in a variety of areas, including sports, art, science, and leadership development. To facilitate this, we have established circles, sections, and clubs where students can actively engage and further develop in their chosen domains.
Sports sections such as football, swimming, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, and chess are available. Art circles include fine arts, vocals, choreography, and jewelry. There are also mathematical, biological, and experimental physics circles. Additionally, students can join the Film Club, Cooking Club, Debate Club, Literature Club, Board Game Club, and Emotional Intelligence Development Club.
At our school, we understand that learning is not only the assimilation of knowledge, but also the formation of personality. Therefore, we are actively working to ensure that our students develop as individuals with self-confidence, creativity and the ability to work in a team.

Our focus is not only on academic achievements, but also on the development of character and personal qualities. We support and inspire our students to strive for more by helping them realize their goals and dreams, and then achieve them.

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