Educational program in Kindergarten

Oxbridge International School

Oxbridge International School provides a highly advanced educational program for kindergarten that promotes the holistic development of children’s skills and qualities. Our program is designed to cater to each child’s specific needs and abilities, ensuring an individualized approach. We aim to create an engaging and interactive learning environment where children actively engage in the learning and growth process. With a diverse range of subjects and innovative teaching methods, we offer a comprehensive and stimulating educational experience.
English is a key focus at Oxbridge International School as it is essential in today’s world. Our students learn in an international setting, with the majority of subjects taught in English by international teachers. We have a seamless transition process for students to move from their native language to English. The IB philosophy emphasizes the importance of learning multiple languages, so we offer Uzbek, Russian, Spanish, and French as part of our core curriculum, and Arabic as an extracurricular program.
Physical development is a significant component of our program, with access to fully equipped gyms and three swimming pools where children can engage in physical activities and recreational play. Furthermore, we facilitate sports events and competitions to enhance children’s physical abilities and skills. Additionally, our program also focuses on fostering children’s social skills through various activities. We arrange group projects, games, and team-oriented tasks to encourage collaboration, communication, and teamwork among children.
At Oxbridge International School, we are dedicated to offering top-notch education and nurturing for each and every child. Our innovative educational curriculum supports holistic development in children, equipping them for future academic achievements.

Your dream kindergarten: Where care and excellence are in every detail

Here at our institution, we strive for excellence in every aspect of caring for your child. Our team consists of the most dedicated and talented educators who not only provide a safe and supportive environment, but also inspire children to explore, create and develop themselves.

Here you will find the perfect combination of play and learning, which stimulates not only the mental, but also the emotional and social development of your baby. Our cozy rooms and extensive playgrounds are designed to make your child feel at home, unlocking their potential in a safe and supportive environment.

We are proud that every day we create a place where your child can blossom to the fullest, where every moment is filled with joy and surprise. Join our family and give your baby the best start in life in our dream kindergarten.

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