“IB MYP” Program

The MYP program has experienced significant growth at Oxbridge International School. In 2020, the school introduced the program and became a candidate school. Although initially having a small cohort of around 30 students in MYP 1-4, the school successfully trained teachers and students for the MYP curriculum. In 2021, the school expanded to include MYP 5, nearly doubling the number of students. The dedication and efforts of the MYP team resulted in the school receiving MYP authorization in June 2022.
MYP program in

Oxbridge International School

The MYP program encompasses a range of subjects such as language and literature, second language acquisition, social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, design, physical education, and art. These disciplines not only provide students with knowledge, but also help them develop skills in communication, research, critical thinking, and self-management. The curriculum emphasizes the practical application of knowledge and skills, encouraging students to reflect on themselves, their environment, and the world. It challenges them to become academically independent, think critically, explore, and collaborate. One distinctive aspect of the MYP program is the personal project undertaken by MYP 5 students at the culmination of their studies. This project allows students to delve into their areas of interest and develop relevant skills. Additionally, the program places a strong emphasis on community service education, incorporating various school-wide activities. To further strengthen 21st-century skills, the MYP program integrates classroom learning with extracurricular activities such as Model UN, product design, video editing and filming, international cooking, and multilingual and speaking clubs.

About our MYP coordinator

Ritika is originally from the scenic foothills of the Himalayas in North India. She has obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a Bachelor of Education degree with a specialization in English Teaching Methods and Social Studies. For the past decade, she has been working as an English teacher. In August 2021, she joined Oxbridge International School as a MYP coordinator and an English Language and Literature MYP teacher. Ritika is particularly interested in using innovative teaching approaches that encourage students to explore, question, and uncover their own identities through the learning process. She has a strong passion for creativity, storytelling, and discovering new places. 

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