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Oxbridge International School

Our school store provides an opportunity to purchase a uniform uniform for all students. We have both summer and winter options available, including both classic and sports uniforms.

Creating unity and convenience

According to the established regulations of our school, all students are required to wear classical school uniforms during the school period, with the exception of physical education classes, where they must wear sports uniforms.

We urge all parents to ensure that appropriate school uniforms are available for convenience and compliance with the educational regime. Remember, a well-chosen school uniform helps to create a learning atmosphere and maintains a sense of belonging to our school.

Why is it important to wear a school uniform?


Creating unity

The school uniform helps to create a uniform appearance for all students, which helps to form a sense of community and belonging to the school.


Maintaining discipline

The established rules for wearing school uniforms contribute to maintaining discipline and respect for the educational process.


Time saving and convenience

Wearing a school uniform is convenient and practical, it saves time on choosing clothes and creates a uniform style for all students.


Reducing social pressure

School uniforms reduce social pressure and competition between students based on clothing, which contributes to a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere at school.

What will you find in our school uniform store?

A variety of styles and colors: We offer a wide range of school uniforms so that each student can find the most suitable option for themselves. From classic designs to modern styles, we have everything to emphasize individuality and meet the demands of the school.

Quality and Comfort: All our school uniforms are made of high quality materials, providing comfort and durability throughout the school day. We make sure that students feel confident and comfortable wearing our uniforms.

Individual approach: Our experienced staff is always ready to help you choose the right size and style of school uniform. We understand that each student is unique and strive to offer an individual approach to each customer.

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