Developing with technology: How Toddle Makes Oxbridge Education Even Better

At Oxbridge, we always strive to provide our students with the most advanced tools and resources for their education and development. To this end, we are pleased to present you one of our latest innovations – the Toddle platform.

What is a Toddle?

This is not just another educational app. Toddle is an integrated platform designed specifically for teachers, parents and administrators to provide the most effective education for children. Here’s how we use Toddle to improve our educational process:

  1. Individualized Curricula: With Toddle, our teachers can easily create customized curricula for each student. We understand that every child is unique, so a personalized approach to learning is the key to their success. Toddle allows us to adapt the learning material to the needs of each student, ensuring optimal learning.
  2. Progress Tracking: Toddle allows us to track each child’s progress in real time. We can see how they assimilate the material, identify their strengths and areas that require additional work. This helps us to accurately adapt the educational process and provide maximum support for each student.
  3. Interaction with Parents: With Toddle, we support transparent and open interaction with parents. They can receive regular updates on their children’s progress, participate in their education, and actively collaborate with teachers. Parents can also make comments and suggestions, which allows us to create an even more effective educational environment.
  4. Data Analysis and Statistics: Toddle provides us with valuable data and statistics about the success of our students. We can analyze trends, identify areas that require additional attention, and develop strategies to improve them. This helps us to continuously improve our educational program and ensure the highest level of learning.

We are confident that using Toddle makes our education even more effective, accessible and personalized for every child at Oxbridge International School. We are proud to be able to offer our students and their families cutting-edge technologies that help them achieve success in learning and development.

Would you like to know more about how we use Toddle? Feel free to contact us or schedule a visit to our school to showcase this exciting platform!

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