Oxbridge Private School is a place where education meets innovation


Oxbridge Private School is a place where education meets innovation. We strive to create a better school. Learning here is not only about memorizing facts, but also developing critical thinking and creative skills.
We offer not only standard academic disciplines, but also additional courses, including IELTS preparation, so that our students are ready for global challenges. We develop our programs in accordance with international educational standards so that our children get the best.
Let’s open the doors to the world of quality education together.

A look into the future of education: interdisciplinary lessons

In a world where the boundaries of knowledge are blurred, interdisciplinary lessons are becoming not just a fashion trend, but a necessity. Why? Let’s dive into pedagogical theory and discover the magic of integrated learning.

  • The hologram of knowledge

Imagine knowledge not as separate pieces of a puzzle, but as a hologram, where each part reflects the whole. Interdisciplinary lessons work exactly like this: They form a deep and holistic understanding of the world by showing students how different subjects are related to each other.

  • Synergy of thinking

An integrated approach stimulates synergetic thinking. This means that the student learns to see problems and tasks from different angles, using knowledge from different fields. With this creative approach to learning, we develop children’s mental flexibility and the ability to make non-standard decisions.

  • Life Lessons

Interdisciplinary lessons prepare you for everyday life. Indeed, in reality, the tasks that we face are rarely classified by subject, as in the school curriculum. The ability to connect different fields of knowledge and apply them in a complex (while being in a safe educational environment) is a key skill in the modern world.

  • Success stories

Practical examples show that students enrolled in an interdisciplinary program achieve high results not only in the academic field. Such children are generally more successful, motivated, creative and confident.

  • The path to discovery

Interdisciplinary learning is not just about knowledge. This is the way to know yourself. Students learn to ask questions, look for connections and draw conclusions, which is the basis of scientific thinking.

Examples of interdisciplinary lessons that inspire

Interdisciplinary education transforms classical education, making it more interesting and practical. Here are three exciting examples that demonstrate the power of this approach.

  • Mathematics + History: Time Travel with the Wonders of the World

Imagine a lesson that not only tells students about the Wonders of the world, but also allows them to understand their history more deeply through the prism of mathematics. Using the concept of a “time ribbon”, the students explored and calculated how long each of the Wonders of the World had existed. Mathematics came to life when children used it to accurately display the dates of the creation and disappearance of these great structures.

  • History + Art: a modern look at Ancient Images

In history lessons, our students got acquainted with the images and drawings of ancient civilizations, and then, in the art studio, embodied what they saw with their own hands. Using charcoal and finger paints, they created their masterpieces inspired by ancient art. The children understood the historical context more deeply, developed their creative abilities and learned to appreciate the cultural heritage of mankind.

  • Research and Creativity: A journey into the World of Alstroemeria

In a lesson combining biology and fine arts, students immersed themselves in creating a “page from a scientist’s field diary.” The children used alstroemeria as an object of research. They made sketches of the flower from nature on paper, pre-tinted with tea, which gave the works a vintage look. Each stage of the work was accompanied by a scientific description and the creation of a diagram of the structure of the flower. In the end, the children created stories about meeting Alstroemeria. The project combined scientific knowledge and artistic imagination into a single creative process.

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