How to create a positive atmosphere in the classroom


Creating a positive atmosphere in the classroom is one of the key factors for successful learning. Such an atmosphere helps students develop self-confidence, motivation to study and improve their social skills. In this article, we will look at various methods and strategies that will help teachers create a supportive educational environment.

The importance of a positive atmosphere

A positive atmosphere in the classroom directly affects the academic performance and emotional well-being of students. Research shows that students who feel comfortable and confident in the classroom are more motivated to study and show better results. According to a study by the Harvard School of Education, having a positive school environment reduces stress levels and increases academic performance by 20%.


Creating a trusting relationship

The first step to creating a positive atmosphere is to establish a trusting relationship between teacher and students. This can be achieved through:

  1. Openness and sincerity: Teachers should be willing to listen to students and show that their opinions and feelings are important. This creates a sense of security and trust.
  2. Support and empathy: It is important for teachers to show understanding and support in difficult situations. Empathy helps to create an emotional connection and shows students that the teacher understands them.
  3. Personal communication: Teachers can take time for individual conversations with students to get to know their interests and needs better. It helps to establish personal contact and builds trust.

Organization of the educational space

A comfortable and safe learning environment also plays an important role in creating a positive atmosphere. A properly organized learning space promotes concentration and productivity. It is important to consider the following aspects:

  • Comfortable conditions: Make sure that there is enough light, air and space in the classroom for comfortable learning. Comfortable furniture and ergonomic workplaces also contribute to creating a favorable environment.
  • Visual stimuli: The use of bright and positive visual elements such as posters, drawings and graphics helps to create an inspiring atmosphere. You can also use a color scheme that promotes concentration and relaxation.
  • Organization of the space: Divide the class into zones for different types of activities: work areas, group work areas, and recreation areas. This will help students feel more comfortable and focused.

Encouraging active participation

The active participation of students in the educational process contributes to the creation of a positive atmosphere and increases their motivation. To do this, it is important for teachers to use a variety of methods and approaches:

  • Interactive teaching methods: The use of interactive whiteboards, multimedia presentations and online platforms helps to make lessons more interesting and exciting.
  • Project-based learning: Involving students in long-term projects develops their research skills and stimulates creative thinking.
  • Group work: Organizing group assignments and discussions helps develop communication and collaboration skills.

Recognition and encouragement of achievements

It is important to recognize and encourage students’ achievements so that they feel valued and motivated. Various methods can be used to do this:

  • Reward system: The introduction of a reward system for success and achievements helps to keep students motivated. These can be both material awards and symbolic ones, for example, certificates and diplomas.
  • Feedback: Regularly providing constructive feedback helps students understand their strengths and areas for improvement. It is important that the feedback is positive and motivating.
  • Public Recognition: Recognizing students’ achievements in front of a class or school helps to increase their self-esteem and motivation.

Examples of successful implementation

At Oxbridge International School, we actively use modern pedagogical methods to create a positive atmosphere in the classroom. Our teachers regularly conduct interactive classes, organize project work and reward students for their achievements.

For example, within the framework of our film club, students create their own short films, which contributes to the development of their creative skills and the ability to work in a team. In the biology circle, students conduct experiments and research, which helps them better understand the educational material and develops their research skills.

We also organize regular educational field trips and excursions that promote team building and help students develop cooperation and leadership skills.



Creating a positive atmosphere in the classroom requires a comprehensive approach, including establishing trusting relationships, organizing a comfortable learning space, encouraging active participation and recognizing student achievements. The implementation of these methods helps to create a favorable educational environment that promotes the development of students’ self-confidence, motivation to study and improve their academic and social skills.

At Oxbridge International School, we strive to create an atmosphere where every student feels comfortable, confident and motivated. Our teachers use modern pedagogical methods and approaches to ensure high quality education and comprehensive development of students.

If you would like to learn more about modern teaching methods and get additional tips on creating a positive atmosphere in the classroom, we invite you to visit our blog. There you will find many useful articles written by experts in the field of education that will help you make the learning process more effective and exciting. Follow the link to our blog to discover the world of innovative teaching practices and resources that we have prepared especially for you.

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