Tips for improving reading skills


Reading skills play a key role in academic success and the development of critical thinking. Good reading helps enrich vocabulary, improves understanding of the text and develops analytical skills. In this article, we will look at the basic strategies and tips that will help improve reading skills for students of all ages.

Creating a favorable reading environment

The first step to improving reading skills is to create a supportive environment. It is important to find a comfortable and peaceful place to read, where nothing will distract. Setting aside a certain amount of time each day for reading will help form a habit and discipline. It is also useful to select interesting and diverse books that match the level of the reader. These can be works of art, popular science books, articles and magazines.


Active reading

Active reading helps to better understand and remember what you read. Here’s how to make the reading process more interactive:

  • Questions and discussions: Ask yourself questions as you read. For example, what happens in the plot, what are the motives of the characters, what topics are raised in the text. Discussing what you read with friends or family helps to consolidate the material.
  • Notes and annotations: Take notes in the margins of a book or in a separate notebook. Write short annotations to the chapters or paragraphs you have read.
  • Retelling: Try to retell the content of what you read in your own words. This develops the ability to analyze and understand the text.

Vocabulary development

The expansion of vocabulary helps to improve reading skills. Here are a few ways:

  • Write down new words: Keep a diary of new words found in the text. Write down their meanings and usage examples.
  • Use new words: Try to use new words in everyday speech and writing.
  • Vocabulary Games: Participate in vocabulary games and quizzes. This helps to fix new words in memory.

Reading aloud

Reading aloud has many advantages. It helps to improve diction, develops listening skills and improves text comprehension. Here are some tips for reading aloud:

  • Read aloud regularly: Set aside time to read aloud, both individually and in a group. This can be reading fairy tales to younger children or discussing the read text with peers.
  • Discussion of what you have read: After reading aloud, discuss the text. Ask questions, discuss the plot and characters, and draw conclusions.

The use of technology

Modern technologies can significantly facilitate the process of learning to read. There are many applications and online resources that help improve reading skills. Here are some examples:

  • Audiobooks: Listen to audiobooks in the original language. This helps to develop listening skills and improve understanding of the text.
  • Educational Applications: Use applications that offer interactive tasks, games and tests aimed at developing reading skills.
  • Online Libraries: Use online libraries and resources to find interesting and diverse books.

Constant practice

Regular reading practice is the key to success. Here are some ways to make reading a part of everyday life:

  • Bedtime Reading: Make reading a part of the evening ritual. This not only improves reading skills, but also helps to relax before going to bed.
  • Reading in transport: Use the time in transport to read. This is a great opportunity to spend time usefully.
  • Reading on breaks: Read during breaks at work or school. Brief moments of reading during the day contribute to the constant development of skills.

Tips for improving reading skills

Developing reading skills takes time and effort, but these efforts pay off with many benefits. Creating a favorable environment for reading, active participation in the process, vocabulary development, the use of technology and constant practice will help to achieve significant success. At Oxbridge International School, we strive to provide all the necessary facilities and support for the development of these important skills in our students, helping them become successful and self-confident individuals.

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