International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP)


The International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB DP) program is a prestigious and academically demanding two-year study program for high school students aged 16-19 years. It prepares graduates for admission to the world’s leading universities and develops the skills they need to succeed in later life.

The structure of the IB DP program:

  • Six groups of subjects: students choose one subject from each of the six groups: languages and literature, the study of personality and society, science, mathematics and computer science, art, as well as a group of choice (for example, economics, psychology). Subjects can be studied at a standard or advanced level.
  • The core of the program: in addition to the subjects, all students are required to complete three additional components: theory of knowledge (TOK – a course dedicated to the critical understanding of knowledge), an extended essay (EE – independent research) and creative activity, action and service (CAS – participation in creative activities, sports, volunteering).

Advantages of the DP program:

  • Widespread recognition: The IB diploma is appreciated by universities around the world and can give graduates an advantage in admission.
  • Skills Development: The program helps students develop critical thinking, problem solving skills, research competence, communication and teamwork.
  • University readiness: IB DP instills the skills of independent work, time management and research activities necessary for success at the university.
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