The path to the top of education: How to become an IB program teacher?


What are the requirements for IB program teachers?

How to become an IB Program teacher → Becoming an IB program teacher is not just about getting a new qualification, it is about becoming part of an international community of professionals dedicated to educating a new generation.

High demands are placed on the teachers of the IB program, because they are responsible for the formation of personality, intellectual and creative development of students.


The basic requirement for teachers of the IB program is the availability of higher pedagogical education.

  • Subject specialization: The teacher must have in-depth knowledge in the subject that he will teach.

  • Knowledge of the IB program: A deep understanding of the IB philosophy, curriculum and evaluation criteria is required.

IB Certificate:

🎓 IB Programs: Completing IB Teacher Training programs (IB Workshop Leader, IB Coordinator) is not mandatory, but is a highly recommended step in professional development.

🎓 Subject certificates:

📜 IB Certificate in Teaching:

  • IB MYP: For teachers of Middle Years Programme (MYP).
  • IB DP: For teachers of Diploma Programme (DP).

📜 IB Certificate in Middle Years Programme (MYP)


📜 IB Certificate in Diploma Programme (DP)


Other certificates:

🎓 TESOL/CELTA Certificates:

📜 For English language teachers:

  • TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
  • CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching with Adults)

🎓 Other certificates:

Certificates confirming the skills of teaching, using ICT, and conducting inclusive education.

Work experience:

In addition to education, work experience is required to obtain the status of an IB program teacher.

Teaching experience:

Minimum length of service:

  • 2 years – For teachers without work experience in IB schools.
  • 1 year – For teachers with work experience in IB schools.

Type of school:

Work experience:

  • At least 1 year at a school that offers IB programs.
  • Knowledge of the features of IB schools – Understanding the philosophy of IB, approaches to learning and assessment.


A successful teacher of the IB program is not only an expert in his subject, but also a master of pedagogical art.

📚 Subject skills:

  • Deep knowledge: In your subject area.
  • The ability to explain clearly and interestingly: Complex topics.
  • Knowledge of methods: Active and interactive learning.

🎓 Teaching skills:

  • Ability to plan and conduct lessons: Meeting IB standards.
  • Assessment skills: The use of various assessment methods.
  • The ability to work with multi-level students: Creating an inclusive learning environment.

💻 ICT competencies:

  • Knowledge of modern educational technologies: To create interactive lessons.
  • The ability to use electronic resources: To search for information and prepare materials.

🗨️ Communication skills:

  • The ability to communicate effectively: With students, parents, colleagues.
  • English language proficiency: At least Intermediate level.

Personal qualities:

🎯 Purposefulness:

  • Readiness for constant self-improvement: And professional development.

🔍 Openness to new things:

  • Readiness for innovation: And the use of new teaching methods.

🏆 Leadership qualities:

  • The ability to inspire: And motivate students.

❤️ Empathy:

  • The ability to understand: The needs and feelings of students.

💪 Stress resistance:

  • Ability to work: In conditions of multitasking and limited time.

🌍 International orientation:

  • Understanding: The international educational environment.
  • Readiness for intercultural interaction: With students from different countries.

It is important to note that these are just some of the requirements for IB program teachers.

Each IB school may have its own additional requirements. Therefore, before you start planning your path to IB teacher status, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the requirements of the specific school where you want to work. Following these recommendations, you will be able to become a highly qualified and in-demand IB program teacher who will change the lives of students for the better!


What steps do I need to take to get IB Teacher status?

Do you dream of becoming an IB program teacher and inspiring a new generation? Follow these steps and your goal will become a reality!

Get the necessary education.

The first step towards becoming an IB program teacher is to receive the necessary education.

Higher education: → Graduate from an Accredited university → With a pedagogical specialization.

Subject specialization: → Select the subject you want to teach → Study it → Deeply and comprehensively.

Knowledge of the IB program: → Familiarize yourself with the philosophy and principles of IB → With the curriculum → And the evaluation system.

Work experience: Accumulate knowledge and skills

Along with education, work experience is required to obtain the status of an IB program teacher.

Teaching experience: → Start by accumulating work experience → As a teacher. Strive to gain a diverse experience → In different types of schools → With students of different ages.

IB-experience: → If possible, start by working at an IB school → Even as a volunteer → Or an intern


Training and certification: Confirm your qualifications

An important step towards the goal is to complete the training and obtain an IB teacher’s certificate.

IB Programs: → Take special programs for IB teachers.


  • IB Workshop Leader: Developing the skills of planning and conducting lessons.
  • IB Coordinator: Gaining skills in administration and coordination of IB programs.

Subject certificates: → Get an IB certificate in your subject area.


  • IB Certificate in Teaching: MYP for secondary school teachers.
  • DP for High school teachers.
  • IB Certificate for the Secondary School Program (MYP)
  • IB Diploma Program Certificate (DP)

Other certificates: → Improve your skills with → TESOL/CELTA Certificates (for English language teachers) → Other certificates → Confirming → Teaching skills of using ICT for inclusive learning.

Job Search: Find your IB School

Use the resources of the association of IB schools in different countries.

Job search Sites:

Use keywords:

  • “Teacher IB”:
  • “IB program”:
  • “Name of the item”.

Make a resume: Design your resume accordingly for IB schools. Highlight your experience in teaching IB programs, skills and achievements.

Complete the interview: Prepare to answer questions about yourself, your teaching experience, and your knowledge of the IB program. Demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment to IB education.

Keep in mind that it may take some time to find a job as an IB program teacher. Don’t worry if you can’t find a suitable job right away. Continue to improve your skills, gain experience and actively participate in the life of the IB community. And then you will definitely achieve your goal! By following these steps, you will be able to become a highly qualified and in-demand IB program teacher who will change the lives of students for the better!

Conclusion: Become an IB teacher and change the world for the better!

The path to the status of an IB program teacher is not just getting a new qualification, it is an opportunity to become part of an international community of professionals dedicated to educating a new generation.

The teachers of the IB program are guides to the world of knowledge, inspirers and mentors who help students reach their potential and achieve success.

If you dream of becoming an IB program teacher, have the necessary qualities and are ready to work hard, then you can achieve this goal!

Use the resources listed in this article and start your journey to the dream today!

And we at Oxbridge International School are always happy to welcome talented and dedicated IB program teachers to our team!

Our school offers:

💰 Competitive salary and social package.

📈 Opportunities for professional development and career growth.

🙌 The support of experienced mentors.

🤗 A friendly and collaborative environment.

If you are ready to take a step towards your dream, join the Oxbridge International School team!

Together we will make education accessible and inspiring for every child!

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