The method of interval repetition. An effective way to improve memory


The interval repetition method is an effective way to improve memory in children and schoolchildren. This method is based on the repetition of the studied material at increasing intervals of time, which contributes to the better consolidation of information in long-term memory.

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Why is interval repetition effective?

  • Based on the forgetting curve: German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus developed the concept of the forgetting curve in 1885, which shows how quickly new information is forgotten. Interval repetition helps slow down this process by reminding you of the materials before they are forgotten.

  • Fixation in long-term memory: Regular repetition of information at optimal times contributes to the transfer of knowledge from short-term memory to long-term memory. This increases the likelihood that the information will be remembered for a long time.

  • Efficient use of time: The interval repetition method allows students to focus on materials that require more attention, saving time on concepts already mastered.


How does the interval repetition method work?

Step 1: Identify the key elements to remember

The first step is to identify the information that needs to be remembered. These can be terms, formulas, dates, facts, or any other important data.

Step 2: Create the cards

Create flashcards (physical or electronic) with questions on one side and answers on the other. Use bright colors and pictures for visual attraction, which will also help in the memorization process.

Step 3: Set the repetition intervals

The essence of the method is to repeat the information at certain time intervals. Here is an approximate schedule of repetitions:

  • The first repetition: immediately after the study.
  • The second repetition: every other day.
  • The third repetition: in a week.
  • The fourth repetition: in a month.
  • The fifth repetition: in three months.
Step 4: Use applications and programs

For convenience, you can use specialized applications such as Anki, Quizlet or Memrise, which automatically track progress and tell you when to repeat materials.

Step 5: Regularity and Consistency

The key to success in the interval repetition method is regularity. It is important to stick to the repetition schedule and not skip classes in order to achieve maximum effect.


Examples of the use of interval repetition

Example 1: Learning foreign languages

Interval repetition is great for memorizing new words and phrases. Create flashcards with new words and their translations, and repeat them at specified intervals. This will help to significantly improve vocabulary and understanding of the language.

Example 2: Exam Preparation

To prepare for exams, create flashcards with key concepts and facts about the subject. Repeat them at intervals to consolidate knowledge and reduce stress levels before the exam.

Example 3: Mastering scientific disciplines

Interval repetition can be useful for memorizing formulas, theorems, and other important concepts in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. Flashcards with visual cues and examples will help simplify complex topics.

Tips for effective use of the interval repetition method

  • Personalize the cards: Use your own associations to make the information more memorable. For example, associate a word with a personal experience or create a funny story.

  • Combine with other learning methods: Interval repetition can be combined with other methods, such as mind mapping or the use of mnemonic devices, for even better memorization.

  • Be flexible: If you feel that the interval is too long or short, adjust it. It is important to find the optimal rhythm for yourself or your child.

  • Monitoring progress: Regularly assess how well the information is remembered, and make adjustments to the learning process if necessary.



The interval repetition method is a powerful tool for improving a child’s memory. It is based on scientific principles and has been proven to be effective in long-term memorization of information. Regular use of this method will help your child successfully cope with educational tasks, memorize large amounts of information and achieve high academic results.

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