International Baccalaureate Intermediate Degree Program (MYP)


The MYP (Middle Years Program) is designed for students of secondary school age, from 11 to 16 years old. It focuses on the development of critical thinking skills, creativity and the ability to apply the knowledge gained in practice.

Here are the key features of the MYP program:

  • Interdisciplinary connections: The program encourages students to find connections between different subjects and apply knowledge from different fields to solve problems.
  • Developing Thinking Skills: Strong MYP develops students’ critical, analytical and creative thinking skills.
  • Project activity: The learning process includes projects, research and other forms of active learning.
  • International focus: The program promotes understanding of global issues and intercultural interaction.

Advantages of the MYP program:

  • Preparing for further studies: Strong MYP helps you prepare for the International Baccalaureate Diploma (DP) program and other higher education programs.
  • Self-reliance development: The program instills skills of self-organization, time management and research work.
  • Self-confidence: MYP promotes the development of self-confidence and the ability to express your opinion.
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