The admission process to the Russian-speaking department of Oxbridge International School: Guidance from the Admissions Committee


Stages of admission to the Russian-speaking department:

  1. Applying for admission;
  2. Consultation;
  3. Entrance exams;
  4. Interview at school;
  5. Recommendation for enrollment and a set of documents;

Направления и профили обучения

Those entering grades 10 and 11 need to choose a priority direction and a study profile — it depends on which entrance exams you will take. Upon admission, you will always be able to supplement your individual curriculum by in-depth study of the necessary subjects.

Profiles offered at the Russian-speaking department of Oxbridge International School:

  • Social and humanitarian profile
  • Physical and mathematical profile
  • Economic and mathematical profile
  • Biological and chemical profile
  • Mathematics and IT

Admission stages


1. Applying for admission

To participate in the entrance tests, you must fill out an application for admission on the website or contact the following numbers: + 998 71 205-55-95, + 998 90 900-50-55.

2. Consultation

Consultation with the staff of the Admissions Committee includes 3 stages:


2. School tour


3. Entrance tests

The testing will take place offline on the school’s campus.

1st grade
The student has a conversation with a psychologist and with the student’s future homeroom teacher.
Grade 2-9
Candidates are tested in 3 subjects: mathematics, English and Russian, an interview with a psychologist and the academic director of the school.
Grades 10-11
Those entering grades 10-11 are tested in three main subjects: mathematics, Russian and English, as well as a conversation on one of the core subjects, an interview with a psychologist and the academic director of the school.


Profile subject

Physical and mathematical profile


Social and humanitarian profile


Biological and chemical profile


Economic and mathematical profile and mathematics and IT

Advanced Mathematics

Before testing:

Before the test itself, it is necessary to repeat the studied material for the current / previous academic year at school. It is recommended to take certificates, diplomas and other academic awards with you for testing.

If a student fails the test the first time, the school will offer you additional materials in text format and give you the opportunity to prepare to improve your score. You can take the entrance test twice.

4. Control interview

At this stage, representatives of the school administration communicate with the parents of each student, discussing academic issues and the results of the applicant.

5. Recommendation for enrollment and package of documents

The admissions committee carefully examines all information about the student: data from the application, the results of control tests and the results of the interview and announces the results.
After entering the school, you will need to provide the following documents:
– Copy / original of the birth certificate

– A copy/ original of the passport/ID card of both parents

– ID card/passport. child’s passport

– Photos of the child (3×4 cm) — 4 pcs.

– Medical certificate / card Nº086 / 026 (vaccination certificate Nº063)

– Certificate of registration at the place of residence/ QAID VAROG’I-via the website

– Application form (issued by the school)

– Application (issued by the school)

– An exit ticket from the school where your child studied earlier (in case of transfer from another school)

– Student’s report card (mastering) (in case of transfer from another school)

– Parents’ PINFL (for foreign citizens)

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