Student Success Stories in Sports – Football Triumphs of OIS students


Student success in sports plays an important role in their overall development, contributing to the strengthening of physical health, discipline and team spirit. Regular sports activities help to build children’s self-confidence, develop leadership skills and teach them how to work in a team. Students’ success in sports also has a positive effect on their academic performance, as physical activity improves concentration and cognitive functions.

The success of OIS football teams

Participation in the international tournament in Istanbul

From April 25 to 28, 2024, two football teams of the Russian branch of the OIS took part in an international tournament in Istanbul. Teams from a dozen countries participated in the competition, including sports schools and football academies. Despite the high level of competition, our guys have demonstrated excellent results:

  • The 2-3 grade team took 5th place among 12 teams.
  • The 5th-6th grade team took 4th place among 10 teams.

These achievements were the result of hard training, teamwork and support from coaches and parents.


Antalya Friendship Cup tournament in Antalya

From March 16 to 19, 2023, the football team of the Russian branch of the OIS under the leadership of coach Rustam Azamov performed well at the international tournament “Antalya Friendship Cup”. Teams from Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia and other countries took part in this prestigious competition.

Despite the difficult struggle, our guys won the 2nd place. Our players lost the first game, but then they drew conclusions, were able to rally, find the strength and won 4 more games. This achievement was made possible thanks to the tenacity, tenacity and team spirit of our students.


The success stories of OIS students in sports demonstrate the importance of support and the right approach to training. We are proud of the achievements of our guys and continue to create all conditions for their development. Oxbridge International School (OIS) is a place where every child can reach their potential and reach the top in sports.

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