The importance and influence of parents in the educational process: How active participation and support contribute to children’s success at school


The role of parents in the educational process: Parents play an important and integral role in the educational process of their children. Their support, involvement and cooperation with teachers contribute to the successful learning and development of children. Let’s look at how parents can actively participate in the educational process and how Oxbridge International School in Tashkent can help them in this.

Active participation in school life

The active participation of parents in school life plays a key role in the success of their children. When parents are actively involved in the educational process and school activities, it not only strengthens the connection between school and home, but also has a positive effect on the motivation and achievements of the child. Here are some ways parents can actively participate in their children’s school life:

Attending parent meetings and events: Regular attendance at parent-teacher conferences allows you to keep abreast of the child’s academic success and behavior. It also provides an opportunity to discuss with teachers and administration issues related to the individual needs and development of the child. Participating in school events such as concerts, sports competitions, and open days helps children feel supported and proud of their achievements.

Volunteering and Committee participation: Parents can make a significant contribution to school life by participating in parent committees or volunteer programs. This may include assistance in organizing school events, support for excursions and trips, as well as participation in projects to improve school infrastructure. Such activities not only help the school, but also create a positive example for children.

Support for school initiatives and projects: Active participation in support of school initiatives such as charity events, environmental projects or cultural programs helps to create a richer and more diverse educational environment. It also teaches children the importance of social responsibility and cooperation.

The active participation of parents in school life contributes to the creation of a favorable and supportive educational environment. This increases the motivation of children, increases their self-confidence and contributes to their comprehensive development.

Support and motivation at home

Support and motivation from parents play a key role in the successful education of children:

✨ Creating optimal learning conditions: Provide your child with a comfortable and quiet place to study, where he can focus on completing homework and preparing for lessons. Make sure that he has all the necessary educational materials, such as books, notebooks, computers and internet access. Proper organization of the workspace helps the child to concentrate better and be more productive.

Homework Support: Be interested in your child’s homework and offer your help if necessary. However, it is important not to do the tasks for him, but only to guide and support him. Discuss difficult issues, help with task planning, and encourage your child to solve problems on their own. This develops his critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Encouragement to self-study: Encourage the child to self-study new topics and self-development. Provide access to additional educational resources such as books, online courses, scientific journals, and documentaries. Encourage participation in educational projects, contests and Olympiads so that the child can put his knowledge into practice and get new impressions.

Support and motivation at home create the foundation for a child’s successful learning and development. Parental care and attention help children feel confident and motivated, strive for new knowledge and achievements. Your participation in the child’s learning process contributes to his comprehensive development and preparation for future challenges and successes.

Regular communication with teachers

Regular communication between parents and teachers plays an important role in the educational process and the success of the child. It helps parents keep abreast of the child’s progress and difficulties, and helps create a supportive and constructive learning environment. Let’s look at how to communicate effectively with teachers and what benefits it brings.

👩‍🏫 Regular meetings and discussions: Set up a regular schedule of meetings with teachers to discuss your child’s successes and problems. Such meetings can be held both in the form of parent-teacher conferences and individual consultations. Regular discussions help to identify and resolve problems in a timely manner, as well as monitor academic progress.

👩‍🏫 Feedback on the child’s progress: Request and provide feedback on the child’s behavior and academic performance. Teachers can give valuable recommendations for improving the learning process, and parents can share observations about how the child copes with tasks at home. Joint efforts will help to develop effective child support strategies.

👩‍🏫 Problem Solving together: Work with teachers to solve problems that arise. If your child is having difficulties with any subject or aspect of school life, discuss possible ways to support and help. Teachers can offer additional materials or classes, and parents can create favorable conditions at home to improve the situation.

👩‍🏫 Support Teacher Initiatives: Support teacher initiatives and methods aimed at developing and educating your child. Participation in school projects, assistance in organizing events and support for educational programs contributes to strengthening cooperation between the school and the family.

Regular communication with teachers creates a solid foundation for successful learning and development of the child. When parents and teachers work as a team, it provides a comprehensive approach to learning that takes into account all aspects of a child’s development. Open dialogue, mutual respect and cooperation contribute to the creation of a favorable educational environment in which every child can achieve their best results.

Organization of the educational process and time

Parents can help children develop planning and time management skills:

📜 Developing positive learning habits: Help your child develop positive learning habits, such as planning school time, taking notes, regularly repeating the material they have learned, and preparing for exams. Explain the importance of setting goals and achieving them through small steps. Support the child in his efforts and encourage him for achievements so that he feels his worth and importance.

📜 Setting a regular daily routine: Help your child develop and adhere to a regular daily routine that includes time for study, rest, sports, and sleep. A structured schedule promotes discipline and organization. Discuss with your child the importance of a balance between study and rest to avoid overwork.

📜 Emotional support and motivation: Show your child that you believe in his abilities and support his efforts. Listen to him, encourage him and help him cope with difficulties. Discuss his successes and failures, helping him find lessons in each situation. It is important that the child feels that his parents are always ready to help and support at any moment.

The role of parents in the educational process is invaluable

Active participation, support and motivation, regular communication with teachers and the development of positive learning habits help children successfully cope with learning tasks and develop as individuals. Remember that your support and attention can have a huge impact on your child’s learning and future.

If you are looking for a school that values partnership with parents and provides an individual approach to each student, pay attention to Oxbridge International School in Tashkent. Since its foundation, our school has been striving to create an environment where parents are an integral part of the educational process. We recognize the importance of partnership between the school and the family in achieving common goals and harmonious development of students. We invite you to join our community, where every child is valued and supported in their aspirations for knowledge and success.

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